FantomWorks Project Submission"Because You've Waited Long Enough..."

We hate bureaucracy as much as you do and certainly understand that you are probably asking yourself why we want you to fill out this form. Our hope is that, by asking you to fill out the information below, through that process you'll find out whether or not it makes sense to do your project.

We typically work on vehicles 1973 and older for good reasons. When the Arab Oil Embargo hit the USA in 1973 there were massive changes made to the way vehicles were manufactured that would forever greatly negatively affect rebuilding those vehicles. The addition of strict emission laws that happened at the same time resulted in a significant change in the way vehicles would be forever built. As a result of those changes, the rebuilding or restoration of those cars becomes more costly while ironically making them worth less money. The unfortunate situation that resulted is that in the past we've tried to help people with their cars from later years and it almost never worked out. Parts weren't available new or rebuilt and the used parts were typically in horrible shape and non-returnable.

Up until today, I have personally reviewed, read, emailed, or called every single applicant back. Unfortunately most of the applicants are asking for unreasonable things. Our shop is not a “cut rate” backyard bubba mechanic shop that uses junk yard parts and yet most of the applicants ask for that exact approach to building “their car” as they feel they are somehow different and should get the 10 cents on the dollar build. I provide an historical average of labor hours based on main stream restorations and our rates run 75-85 per hour. Please take a moment and determine whether your request is reasonable.

You need to provide a schedule that you can and will answer your phone. Over NINETY PERCENT of our attempts to contact customers are met by call screening voicemails. We will only call 2 to 3 times and if we don't get through we'll consider the project dead and move on. Provide what days and what times you WILL answer a call from a 757 area code. Again please do your best to answer the phone during the times you say you will and if you miss a call from a 757 area code, please call back.

If you find at the end of the form you are not sure your project is a good idea, you will know why we asked you to do this. If you find at the end you’ve filled out the information and we have a good basis to understand the project, then you will have saved both of us a lot of time when it comes to discussing your project.

If you are having problems using this form, please contact with your name, number and a good time for us to call and assist you in working through this form.
1Customer Info & Address
2Vehicle Info

Please tell us what you want us to do in clear and concise detail. Verbiage should include I.e. “Full ground up restoration” or “Update the drivetrain to an LS3 and a 5 Speed overdrive transmission” or “Custom fabricate a convertible top and rebuild engine and repair the brakes” or whatever the project is. Too many people tell me what’s wrong with their vehicles but never say what they want us to do about it and unfortunately we simply don’t know how to respond. I need you to specify “I want FantomWorks to do the following to my vehicle XXXX” and then go through the estimating matrix to calculate your estimate. This is to help me define whether you have a concept of your project. I’ve been asked on requests to install a 35K Supercharged Coyote engine, a 10K carbon fiber overdrive transmission and a 15K Independent Rear Suspension system for a 15K total budget. Only God can help someone with that one.